Web socket scripts stop at random times

  • @rjbanna

    Agreed.. its pretty hard. Hope this gets resolved soon.

  • @rajanprabu Yes, I do the same but my algo make use of some past calculations and live candles. So if I start it again, I would need to calculate all the values manually which is cumbersome process. Angel team is working on it.

  • @rjbanna @Ashok

    Yes I faced it twice yesterday.. But whoever this happened I normally stopped the script and restarted it. I think angel team is working on it.

  • Hi @rjbanna We have already reported the issue to the team we are trying to solve it asap.

  • @Ashok I haven't encountered this issue yesterday, though sometimes heartbeat failed. I was receiving the ticks even though the heartbeats failed message kept coming. Socket was reconnected but heartbeat function was not aware about it. There is issue with heartbeat function which should be resolved as soon as possible. This is why it is important to place SL order right after the first order is placed. Because you don't know when something gets broken in future. @admin please look into this.

  • @Ashok No need to create object for logger. You can use my code. I'm using that code and I'm able to see all the exceptions including heartbeat failed.

  • @admin , the problem resurfaced today with much more impact, due to which script could not close the SL due to the non availability of ticks resulting in few thousands of loss booking.

    here is what happened..

    {'ak': 'ok', 'msg': 'heartbeat', 'task': 'hb', 'ts': '2021-03-25 13:20:43.049293'}
    {'ak': 'ok', 'msg': 'heartbeat', 'task': 'hb', 'ts': '2021-03-25 13:21:43.108353'}
    {'ak': 'ok', 'msg': 'heartbeat', 'task': 'hb', 'ts': '2021-03-25 13:22:43.175920'}
    {'ak': 'ok', 'msg': 'heartbeat', 'task': 'hb', 'ts': '2021-03-25 13:24:06.394106'}
    {'ak': 'ok', 'msg': 'heartbeat', 'task': 'hb', 'ts': '2021-03-25 13:24:43.777559'}
    # Job completed successfully at 2021/03/25 13:43:46 (GMT+5.5).

    After the heartbeat @ 12:43, tickets stooped to come, hearbeat not failed and script was waiting for the ticks..
    the failed hb happened only at 13:43 and scripts got complete and new instance was started as per my set-up.
    During this 20 minutes, market trend changed and the positions were blind..

    I do not know if these are fixed in latest version, but this un-reliability will dearly cost traders and in turn AB/Smartapi

    @rjbanna @rajanprabu , Did you ever faced these issues ?


  • @rjbanna , Yes I am using this module .. infact I have small function to create the log object and return to the function based on the script name... like below...

    import logging
    import os.path
    from pathlib import Path
    def getLogger(name,pathName=False):
        fileName    =  pathName + name + '.log'
        if not os.path.isfile(fileName):
        log_format = '%(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d - %(name)8s - %(message)s'
        logging.basicConfig(level       = logging.DEBUG,
                            format      = log_format,
                            filename    = fileName,
    						datefmt     ='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
        return logging.getLogger(name)

    and using the returned logger to log the exceptions / errors.

    However I cannot catch the exceptions where the failed heartbeat is.. like the ones shown by @rajanprabu

  • @Ashok You can use the logging module in Python for debug purposes. I have attached snippet for your reference.

    import logging
    logging.basicConfig(filename = 'app.log', filemode = 'w', format = '%(asctime)s - %(message)s', level = logging.DEBUG)
    logging.info('Test message')

  • Hi @Ashok we have reported this issue to the team we are working on this.We will update you on this.

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