ROBO order executing at Market Price

  • Hello @admin

    Though I am selecting the limit order values for the Robo Order, the order is being placed at the Market price. Please find the below parameters. Can you please fix the issue to place Robo at limit price ??

    order_place <- place_order(object = session_data,
    variety= "ROBO",
    tradingsymbol= "SBIN-EQ",
    symboltoken= "3045",
    transactiontype= "BUY",
    exchange= "NSE",
    triggerprice = 435,
    ordertype = "LIMIT",
    producttype= "BO",
    duration= "DAY",
    price= 435,
    quantity= 1,
    squareoff= "12",
    stoploss= "6"

    Feel free to connect at 8919373818 if you have any questions.

    Sai Teja Reddy

  • @Reddy @admin
    I have also faced the similar problem. I have attached the screenshot also.

    For particular this order, the order was at 725.55. and stop-loss was 3 ( stoploss= "3"). But after placing the order, I had noticed that, it took 728.55
    as trigger price. unfortunately, it took 743.75 as price randomly. How can I solve this issue.

    @admin kindly solve the issue ASAP.

    photo1633526496 (1).jpeg

  • HI @Reddy we will update you today in this.

  • Hello @admin
    Any updates on this would be much appreciated !!

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