Access denied because of exceeding access rate

  • All of a sudden started getting too many of these errors today.

    Was there any change made today?

    We have been having too many of the issues with Angel. It is not looking good.

  • HI @StocksDeveloper Your feedback has been passed to the team. We regret the inconvenience.

  • @admin @webseos

    I strongly recommend doing some real world tests. These issues you wont able to replicate in your tests, simply because of their intermittent nature.

  • @webseos We parse json into java objects via jackson library. And you can see clearly that jackson parsing has failed due to error. If it is a proper response with positions or orders data then it gets parsed.

    This bug has been there for a long time, I have been reporting this for quite long with your team.

    Any update on the second problems, the position or orders read request return empty data even after data is being present in the account (orders and positions being present)?

    com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unrecognized token 'Access': was expecting (JSON String, Number, Array, Object or token 'null', 'true' or 'false')
     at [Source: (String)"Access denied because of exceeding access rate"; line: 1, column: 7]

  • @StocksDeveloper @admin

    exceeding access rate should be a JSON response with proper error string and traceable to codes.

  • @StocksDeveloper @admin
    It has been many times we are facing the Same above-mentioned issue by stock developer team.
    Request you to @admin kindly get these errors clear asap.

  • @admin See logs below, account numbers are in square bracket [] in the logs. There have been too many occurrences of these errors in the logs.

    Two issues:

    • Access denied errors
    • Many times we are also receiving zero records for orders & positions but the account has orders as well positions.

    The times in below log are IST.

    2021-08-10 14:52:51.603 ERROR [F7782 : F7782]: Angel error: "Access denied because of exceeding access rate"
    2021-08-10 14:11:10.921 ERROR [VIVC1003 : VIVC1003]: Angel error: "Access denied because of exceeding access rate"
    2021-08-10 14:04:39.035 ERROR [NIHKA1104 : NIHKA1104]: Angel error: "Access denied because of exceeding access rate"
    2021-08-10 13:45:38.037  WARN [S799775 : S799775]: Received zero orders records from Angel.
    2021-08-10 13:45:38.094  WARN [S799775 : S799775]: Received zero positions records from Angel.

  • HI @StocksDeveloper Can you please share the logs of the errors.

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